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Mandated Reporter Workshop

boy-one-tear-mediumWho are mandated reporters?

What are the protections for mandated reporters?

What are the penalties for failure
to report?

What are the signs that a child may have been abused or neglected?

The Mandated Reporter Workshop is an identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect workshop for mandated reporters.  It is a two-hour workshop on reporting child abuse and neglect, developed for professionals (Mandated Reporters)  and available to all Saginaw County residents.  The two-hour program includes video clips from convicted child sexual abuse perpetrators.

  • » Available year-round to professionals who work with children and all Saginaw County residents
  • » Updates professionals on current Child Protection Laws and their responsibility under the law
  • » Identifies the difference between signs that indicate child abuse and neglect from signs that indicate typical childhood behavior
  • » Walks professionals through the reporting process

Any Saginaw County organization can schedule, FREE OF CHARGE this two hour identifying and reporting child abuse workshop for professionals/mandated reporters. If you have questions, please contact us at (989) 752-7226 or email cancouncil@cancouncil.org.

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