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The CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region continues to grow, while providing innovate education and public awareness programs to realize the end of child abuse in the Great Lakes Bay Region. As our programs and services grow, it is very important for us to ensure the legacy of the organization’s mission. For this reason, we have established our endowment program administered through the Saginaw Community Foundation for Saginaw County and Bay Area Community Foundation for Bay County.

How does contributing to an endowment affect you as a donor to the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region?

Because of the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit, donors to any permanent endowment fund held by the Saginaw Community Foundation or Bay Area Community Foundation may claim a Michigan income tax credit for their contributions. In practical terms, this means you can reduce your Michigan income tax liability by up to one–half of the amount of your donation to our endowment campaign, up to certain limits. Donations are also deductible for federal income tax purposes.

To contribute to Saginaw County’s endowment fund, go to the  Saginaw Community Foundation and select “Child Abuse and Neglect Council Endowment”.  To contribute to Bay County’s endowment fund, go to the Bay Area Community Foundation and select “Nathan Weidner Children’s Advocacy Center Designated Fund”.

The Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit provides a:

$200 Credit for a $400 gift from a couple filing a joint return

$100 Credit for a $200 gift from a single taxpayer

Donor:  Married Couple
(filing jointly, 31% bracket)
Contribution amount $400 $1,000 A gift to benefit your agency
Less: MI Tax Credit $200 $200 Alternative:  Send the amount to Lansing
Less: Federal Deduction $62 $264 Alternative: Send this amount to Washington
Total Tax Savings (262) (464) Look at the tax savings
After-Tax Cost $138 $536 See how little the gift actually costs?

Please note that the Community Foundation Tax Credit is in addition to the tax credits available for gifts to colleges and universities, public broadcasting and for gifts to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Donors do not have to choose between the tax credits; you can take advantage of more than one.

Donations, of any amount, may be made in one payment (checks made payable to “SCF – CAN Council or BCF - CAN Council”), in several installments, or with a charge card. The choice is yours! This is your opportunity to help the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region for many years to come. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Delores Gale, Development Director or Suzanne Greenberg, President/CEO (989) 752-7226.