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Consider the CAN Council this Holiday Season

I was 12 years old when my mother’s rights were terminated because she failed to protect me from a sexual predator in our home. I was placed into a foster home. With the help of my CASA, I felt more comfortable through the court proceedings, and I am now adapting to my new environment.“ For this 12 year old, your support to the CAN Council has provided her with a trained Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer to be her voice throughout the court process to define a permanent plan for her!

Parenting does not come with a how-to book. From the first day I had my children, I worried about making the best choices for them. I found the parenting classes through the CAN Council’s Child Abuse Prevention Education Program (CAPE), and it helped me to gain confidence in my parenting. I learned techniques such as communication, how to parent my children’s hearts, and to provide for their needs.” For this parent, our Incredible Years series has given her the confidence to face a new day and be the best version of herself for her children.

These program successes simply wouldn’t be possible without you! From our CAC, which provides a safe place for all children who enter through our doors; to the CASA program, which gives children a voice and a friend; and finally the CAPE programs, that help parents, grandparents, future parents, and community members learn different aspects of Child Abuse Prevention through parenting support and education; these programs change lives daily.


You are a big part of our success. The fast-paced growth we have been able to achieve after expanding into Bay County shouldn’t surprise us, because the need for our programs in Bay and Saginaw Counties has been evident for years. Our success stories, and the community that we serve, show us every day that what we do matters. It also shows us that there is more work to do.

Please consider supporting the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region this holiday season. Together, we can help provide more CASA volunteers to foster children, and more programs to help parents care for themselves and their children. You CAN make a difference with your gift of any amount; donate today.

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