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Phone Directory

saginawpubliclibrariesSaginaw Children’s Yellow Pages Phone Directory
Public Libraries of Saginaw County provides an updated and current list of local Saginaw County resources.

Tips to Resources

  1. Start early and call now. Find out as much information as you can as soon as you know that you are going to need a service, even waiting for a week can mean being placed on a waiting list. You can just call to collect information before you decide to sign-up.
  2. Read everything: signs, bulletin boards and pamphlets that you come across in offices and community events. Visit offices for hands-on information and to get to know names of people.
  3. Know what services you want. Call and ask questions.
  4. Always have paper and pencil before you call. Write down the place, date and name.
  5. Ask them to repeat information and spell their names.
  6. If you leave a message, say your full name and number twice and say it slowly.
  7. Learn the steps to get the service. Find out what you have to bring for any appointment. Ask what steps will be taken after you have completed paper work and when the service will contact you and who to call if you don’t hear from the. Write it down.
  8. Ask for other phone numbers if the number you called can’t help you.  Ask them for names and numbers of other services who may know know the information you are looking for.
  9. Be positive, polite and don’t give up! Call back if you don’t hear from an agency. Ask to talk to the supervisor, if you are being treated with disrespect.