Meet Hannah.

She appears to be like any other elementary student. Her bubbly personality, her mismatched socks, the scrunchy in her hair – it all fits in with the crowd.
It’s the abuse and trauma that she’s survived that’s unique to her, that’s left her an orphan with no relatives to care for her or inquire about her, that’s caused severe emotional and behavioral impairments, making it seemingly impossible to find her a forever home.
Hannah was removed from her parents’ care after repeated sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of her biological father. Her mother was aware of the abuse and did nothing to protect Hannah. Since entering the child protection system, Hannah has had several placements including foster homes, relative placements, and a residential facility.
Hannah visited our CAN Council in Huron County due to new allegations of abuse. Our Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) staff conducted an expert forensic interview, which the prosecutor, law enforcement officer, children’s protective service and foster care workers were able to view via closed circuit television.
Hannah recounted her abuse this one time as a part of the coordinated CAC approach, as opposed to reliving the trauma numerous times over the course of the case with multiple different agencies and workers. Her case is currently awaiting prosecution. Hannah continues to live in a residential placement while she awaits a loving family to adopt her.

You make it possible for Hannah to have our safe, supportive environment for her forensic interview. You give her hope that there are people who will listen, believe and help her. Please consider an end-of-year gift to our CAN Council to ensure – no matter what – we are equipped to continue protecting our children.

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