Parent Support Programs

CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region offers a variety of parent support programs at no cost. For program schedules, please call us, email us or check our Calendar of Events.

Baby Academy

Each May, the CAN Council hosts the Baby Academy as a community baby shower for expectant mothers and caretakers of infants. The event features prevention education seminars and various giveaways from our community partners. Preregistration is required, and participation is limited to the first 200 to register.

Interested in helping sponsor the Baby Academy or donating a giveaway item? Please contact the CAN Council office in your county.

Incredible Years: Basic

18-week to 20-week program; 2 hours weekly; for families with children 3-6 years old

  • Introductions/Goals/Child-Directed Play
  • Child-Directed Play Promotes Positive Relationships
  • Play – Academic & Persistence Coaching Promotes School Readiness
  • Play – Social & Emotion Coaching
  • Play – Social & Emotion Coaching (continued)
  • The Art of Effective Praise & Encouragement
  • Effective Ways to Praise/Using Tangible Rewards
  • Rewards Programs (continued)
  • Establishing Routines & Household Rules
  • Effective Limit-Setting
  • Effective Limit-Setting & Follow-Through
  • Ignoring Children’s Inappropriate Behavior
  • Timeout to Calm Down
  • Timeout for Aggression & Noncompliance
  • Natural & Logical Consequences
  • Teaching Children to Problem-Solve
  • Teaching Adult Children to Problem-Solve
  • Adult Problem-Solving Meeting
  • Review & Celebration

Incredible Years: School Age

14-week program; 2 hours weekly; for families with children 6-12 years old

  • Welcome/Parent Goals/Importance of Parental Attention & Special Time
  • Importance of Parental Attention & Special Time (continued)
  • Social, Emotion & Persistence Coaching
  • Effective Praise & Encouragement
  • Motivating Children Through Incentive & Rewards
  • Rules, Responsibilities & Routines
  • Clear & Respective Limit-Setting
  • Ignoring Misbehaviors
  • Timeout Consequences
  • Logical Consequences
  • Promoting Reading Skills
  • Dealing with Children’s Discouragement
  • Fostering Good Learning Habits & Routines
  • Parents Showing Interest in School & Homework

Make Parenting a Pleasure

12 sessions; 2-hour sessions; for highly stressed parents of children 0-8 years old

  • Getting Started
  • Nurturing/Taking Care of Ourselves
  • Understanding Stress
  • Stress & Anger/Management & Techniques
  • Managing Anger/Modeling Alternatives
  • The Dance of Communication/Nonverbal Communication/Listening Skills
  • Child Development/The Basics
  • Discipline: Laying the Foundation
  • Discipline: Parents’ Toolbox
  • Discipline: Changing Behavior

Parent Workshops

  • Surviving the Picky Eater (1.5-hour class): Tips for healthy eating. Provides insight into the mind of a picky eater, learning who is responsible for mealtime and making food fun.
  • Alternatives in Discipline (2-hour class): A nonviolent approach to disciplining children. Obtain an understanding of Michigan’s spanking-related laws and their consequences, develop a healthy relationship between parent and child, learn appropriate discipline techniques, and discover available local resources.
  • Loving Language (1.5-hour to 2-hour class): Enhancing communication for children and families. Learn strategies to enhance conversation and build relationships, as well as techniques that meet your family’s needs for encouraging social and emotional development.

Strengthening Families

7-week program; 2 hours weekly; must bring child 10-14 years old

  • Love & Limits/Having Goals & Dreams/Supporting Goals & Dreams
  • Appreciating Parents/Making House Rules/Appreciating Family Members
  • Encouraging Good Behavior/Dealing with Stress/Using Family Meetings
  • Using Consequences/Following Rules/Understanding Family Values
  • Building Bridges/Dealing with Peer Pressure/Building Family Communication
  • Protecting Against Substance Abuse/Peer Pressure & Good Friends/Families & Peer Pressure
  • Getting Help for Special Family Needs/Reaching Out to Others/Putting It All Together

Strengthening Families: Iowa State Booster Program

4 sessions; to be completed as an add-on or follow-up to 7-week program

  • Handling Stress/Handling Conflict/Understanding Each Other
  • Communicating When You Don’t Agree/Making Good Friends/Listening to Each Other
  • Reviewing Love & Limits Skills/Getting the Message Across/Understanding Family/Using Family Strength
  • Reviewing How to Help with Peer Pressure/Practicing Our Skills