Donors like you ensure our caring, expert staff are here for every child that walks through our doors. You provide the resources for us to protect children and strengthen families. You fulfill the hope that there are people who will listen, believe, and help our most vulnerable children.

$25 educates a student about child abuse and how to get help
$50 trains a new advocate for a child abuse survivor
$100 provides a child abuse survivor with a forensic interview
$250 provides a child abuse survivor with a medical exam
$500 educates and supports a struggling parent
$1,000 gives an abused child an advocate while in the court system

Please consider an end-of-year gift to our CAN Council to ensure – no matter what – we are equipped to continue protecting our children.

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Our friends at Yeo & Yeo Foundation are matching your gift through this appeal. That means the impact of your donation will be doubled for our organization! Please give as soon as you are able, and know your gift will be put right to work.