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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  How do I report child abuse?

The CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region is not the agency that investigates child abuse and neglect.

To report child abuse or neglect in Michigan, call:

(855) 444-3911

2.  What type of volunteer opportunities do you have?

We offer opportunities ranging from walking in a parade to leading a fund development committee and everything in between.  Please reference the job descriptions on the Volunteer page or call  (989) 752-7226 for more specific information.  Remember that you may be encountering children and families who are experiencing abuse if you are volunteering to work in the office.

3.  How can my group make a donation?

Your group may want to hold a fundraiser with the proceeds coming to the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region; companies have been involved by conducting ‘Jean Days’ (you get to wear jeans that day to work but must pay a set fee for the privilege) or ‘Wish List Drives’ (employees collect items for our Wish List and deliver to us);  or your group may want to volunteer for one of our fundraising events.

4.  Will you do your education programs in the evening or on weekends?

Baby Basics and Mandated Reporting can be scheduled in the evenings or weekends for organizations or groups. The Safer-Older-Smarter (SOS) program is typically scheduled in the schools during spring. The Safe Baby program is only available to schools during the school year however; any parent can sign up their child for Safe Baby during the summer.

5.  What are those babies all about?

The Safe Baby Program is real-life simulation, using computerized infant simulators, to give young people a small sample of what it might be like to care for an infant over the weekend. The CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region runs the only Safe Baby Program in the Great Lakes Bay Region. 65 Infant Simulators are available to the schools on a first come, first serve basis.  The students receive the infant simulators on Friday and return them on Monday.  The babies will cry to be fed, changed, rocked or burped.  At the end of this experience, the students get a printed report of how they took care of the infant simulator.

6.  What is CASA?

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of the Great Lakes Bay Region are specially trained volunteers who provide a powerful voice in the court system for children who have been removed from their home because of abuse or neglect.

7.  How are you funded?

The CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region receives funding through individual contributions and planned giving; memorials and honorariums; grants (federal, state, and local); United Way (allocation and designations); annual special events (i.e., Mardi Gras Auction, Wines Around the World, Golf Outing, and Ducky Derby); merchandise sales; and church, civic group, credit union, bank and corporate contributions.  Our goal is to maintain a diversified stream of income so that we can continue to provide our services to children and families at no-cost.

8.  Do you do counseling here?

The Children Advocacy Centers (CACs) offer crisis counseling for cases that come through the centers. For long term counseling, the Bay County CAC refers to the Bay Area Women’s Center.  The Saginaw County CAC refers to the sexual assault center at Child And Family Services.

9.  Do you offer parenting classes?

The CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region - Saginaw County now offers a 10-week parenting class through our Great Start University program.  The CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region works to ensure parenting programs are available through partnerships with agencies, such as Great Start Collaborative, Teen Parent Services, Michigan State University Extension, and Saginaw Public Schools Birth through Five program, which historically have offered parenting programs.